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Sustainability in exhibition stand construction

The perspective of the future.

Sustainability is important to us.

As internationally active exhibition stand builders, we are aware that the resources of our earth are finite and that the way we treat them has a lasting impact on our climate. Therefore, it is very important to us to use reusable materials as far as possible, to pay special attention to supply chains and to reduce the required
packaging to a minimum.

To promote the idea of sustainability, we have joined the Treedom campaign, through which we finance the planting of trees in various countries around the world. Through our commitment, we not only help to sustainably reduce CO2 pollution, but also support small farmers, who in this way create an alternative source of income and at the same time strengthen local food security.

We hope we have inspired your interest.
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Kg CO2
Status 2021 | We update our treedom numbers 2x per year

What is Treedom?

Treedom is an international platform where you can buy trees online and gift them. These trees will be planted, cared for, photographed, and entered into a registry by local farmers around the world. In this process, the trees bring social, economic and environmental benefits.


Do something good for the environment – together with us!

With your order
you support our project!

In return, we make you a sponsor.

Coffee in Guatemala, Markhamia and Papaya in Kenya, Guava in Tanzania, Cocoa in Cameroon, Leucena in Nepal – one of these trees can become yours.

With the tree ID, you stay informed about its development and the benefits it brings to its farmer and its region.

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